The Matters of the Heart

No weapon formed against you shall prosper. Isn’t that great news! No sickness, no circumstance, no problem that rises against you can successfully bring you down. You MUST believe this in faith. When the devil attacks you in some area of your life, don’t sit around crying and moping, and feeling sorry for yourself. Open your Bible to Isaiah 54:17, highlight it, underline it, read it, and then read it again. Remind yourself of what God has promised you. Use that promise to strengthen you against every attack of the devil. Don’t let the powerhouse of God’s protection go to waste. Put it to work in your life. It is your rightful heritage as a servant of the Lord. NO WEAPON! No matter what it is! You are a conqueror. You MUST believe this,  in Jesus name.


The Matters of the Heart

True shepherds pour into the sheep and empty their hearts out to them without holdback or hesitation. BUT, who pours into the shepherd? Who stands with them in prayer and keep their arms lifted? Who encourages them and speak words of kindness to them? As long as Moses’ arms were kept lifted they won the battle. Let’s pray for our pastors and keep them lifted. In Jesus name! Say a kind word, do a thoughtful act or deed. It will encourage them to go a bit further. The enemy fights our leaders. Smite the shepherd and the sheep scatters. Sheep, let’s hold it together. Prayer and fasting for our leaders works.

The Matters of the Heart

(Something I just read and wanted to share)…It’s a little lengthy…

If you feel like you are under pressure these days, you are not alone. Satan is putting more pressure on more people right now than ever before. He’s pressuring us mentally, financially, emotionally, and every other way he can. The pressure has gotten so great everywhere that governments don’t know what to do. Businesses don’t know what to do. Families don’t know. Churches don’t know.

But, praise God, Jesus does! He says we can give our way right out from under any pressure the devil brings to bear.

Giving is always Jesus’ way out. Whenever there’s a need, He plants seed! In fact, in Mark 4, He compares the entire kingdom of God to a seed. Just think about the importance of seeds for a moment. Every living thing on this earth came from a seed. You came from a seed. Then you were born again from the seed of God’s Word. Jesus himself was The Seed planted by God. God sowed Him in sacrifice. He came forth and grew up into many brethren.

So, when Satan puts you under pressure, go to Jesus and let Him tell you how and where to plant. If you will do it, that seed will grow up until it breaks the powers of darkness and lack. It will release you from the pressure the devil’s been putting on you.

If the devil is pressuring you, don’t panic…plant! Plant your time. Plant your money. Plants the clothes off you back. When your harvest comes in, you can laugh and say, “Hey, Devil, who’s feeling the pressure now?”

The Matters of the Heart

This world is not getting any better, and we all see and know that. The day of the return of Jesus is closer than it ever was. The Lord is calling US ALL to come to Him. We all need and must develop a personal relationship with our heavenly Father. If we don’t we won’t make it. This is not just to you, it’s to all of us. Those who don’t do this will experience defeat and disasters in their lives. We’ve got to study the Word of God and get it in our hearts. We must develop a sincere prayer life; hear the voice of God for directions and instructions. Yes God yet speaks. Slow down and get before him in prayer, and listen. God will give you directions. This is NOT the time to look back, go back, slide back, or start into anything that is not of God. Those that are saved and full of the Holy Ghost, stay saved and increase your strength. Backsliders, God is calling you back to the sweet communion that you once had with Him. Don’t let the devil fool you. Jesus is coming back. Sinner man, woman, girl and boy, today you hear his voice. Don’t harden your heart. This may be your last chance to walk away from those things THAT YOU KNOW are wrong, and accept a new life in Christ. Many of you are tired of the way you are living. You are stuck and don’t know what to do. Jesus Christ is your answer. Bow down where ever you are. Ask the Lord to come into your hearts and change you; change your thoughts, change your walk, change your talk…take away the evil. And guess what? He will do it. Yes, we have been hearing it for a long time, JESUS IS COMING! I believe that we are in the last of the last days of this age. We are living in perilous times, and accept we are in Christ, and the Holy Ghost in us, we won’t make it. Today you hear his voice; harden not your hearts.