The Matters of the Heart

Praise. According to the Word of God, that’s the most appropriate, becoming thing that you as a believer can do. Let me warn you though, God’s idea of appropriate praise and your idea of appropriate praise may be two different things.  The praise he calls for is joyous and uninhibited. And, at times, it’s just plain loud! Anyone ever gave him a LOUD praise! That loudness can be so refreshing! If the angels, who are already in his presence, can shout until the doorposts shake what about us who are tying to get there? When they praise this way, the glory of the Lord fills the house. COME INTO MY HOUSE LORD! When we get to heaven, we are going to be praising like that too. You are going to be leaping and praising God with every part of your being. But don’t wait until then to start. Begin now. This is our practice room. Decide today that instead of praising God the way you like, you are going to start doing it the way he likes. Don’t worry about people and what they say. This is a you and God thing! He wants to inhabit your praise! Begin to release those praises joyously, uninhibitedly. Don’t wait until you get to heaven to praise God with all your being. Do it Now! He deserve it!


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