The Matters of the Heart

(Something I read this morning) Do you know why so many believers are losing the battles in their lives? They are fighting the wrong enemy! They have been deceived into believing that just because a person said or did something to hurt them, that person is the one they need to fight. But they are wrong. 
The Bible says we don’t wrestle with flesh and blood. And since people are definitely flesh and blood, they are never the source of our problem. 
Satan and his demons. They are your lifelong enemies! They are behind every personal affront you encounter. The people who hurt you and persecute you are only Satan’s tools. When he wants to strike out at you, he uses them to get the job done.
REMEMBER THIS: Persecution is not the manifestation of another person’s hate for you. It’s a manifestation of Satan’s fear of you. When you get into the Word and start swinging it around, using it like the sword of the Spirit it is, he gets scared. So he looks for some person he can send in there to stop you. Next time someone hurts you, don’t let yourself get sidetracked into fighting them. Bind the spirit behind them. Put flesh and blood battles behind and war with the weapons of the Spirit. Zero in on Satan with authority and the Word of God and bring your real enemy down!


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