The Matters of the Heart

I remember my former pastor, Elder W.F. Faust, Sr., telling a story about a bird and a telephone wire. He said, very short but powerful story, “A bird flew on a telephone wire. The wire began to shake. The bird flew off the telephone wire and the wire still shook in the absence of the bird.” The question he would ask us was, “How many of you are still shaking, BUT, the Spirit of God has left you because of sin? How many of you are still shaking but the Spirit of God has left because of the way you are living? Anybody can shout (dance.)” 
Today I ask the same question. How many are yet shaking in the church? Preaching in the church?  Running in the church? Speaking a tongue in the church, and the Holy Ghost is no longer there? The Spirit of God does not dwell in an unclean place. Once saved always saved is a LIE. You’ve got to continue to live Holy, read your word and pray to STAY saved. You must continue to stay separated from those things you used to do, that were wrong, to stay saved. It’s not give the preacher your hand and God your heart and you can do anything you want.There MUST be a difference in the way we live.
It’s amazing how we can point the finger at the drug addict, the prostitute, the adulterer, the homosexual, the drunkard, etc., while sin yet dwells in us. 
Listen! Crying in the church means nothing if your life does not change. A good sermon, an emotional song can move almost anyone to tears. But after the tears are gone, CAN YOU LIVE HOLY? 
Has your bird flown away and your wire still shakes? Don’t let the devil fool you. Your life depends upon it.


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