The Matters of the Heart

I read a short sentence this morning that is power packed. “Together we can accomplish wonders, divided we will accomplish nothing.” My! My! What a word! UNITY…The church must come together in UNITY. The only way we are going to defeat the enemy is through PRAYER and UNITY. It’s time for us to set aside our personal agendas and grab the agenda of God. Precious souls are dying, and guess what? God is holding this to someone’s hands. It’s time for the spirit of trying to outdo one another to be cast out and come together and do the work of the Lord. I bind DISCORD and the spirit of OUTDO in the name of Jesus, and I speak UNITY among Pastors. I speak UNITY among the people of God. Our families need us (husbands and wives and children, NEED US.) It does not matter who says pray, PRAY! It does mot matter who says it’s time to fast, FAST. “TOGETHER WE CAN ACCOMPLISH WONDERS, DIVIDED WE WILL ACCOMPLISH NOTHING..” This morning the cry is UNITY within the body of Christ, in Jesus name. #ourwarcryisholy


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