The Matters of the Heart

We MUST cover our hearts in prayer. It is so very easy to allow the devil to bring something that will disturb our peace, and cause us to look at our sisters and brothers differently. We’ve got to guard our hearts, love everybody and treat people the way we want to be treated. It is the enemies mission, did you hear me, MISSION, to separate the body of Christ. To cause us to fight against each other while our sons and daughters, our city, and nation goes to hell on a one way street. Let’s forgive! Let’s love! Let’s pray and seek the face of God. We need God to help us. Whomever we are, WE NEED GOD TO HELP US and HAVE MERCY on us!

SIDE NOTE…I think social media is a trick that the devil has imposed to put a split in the body of Christ. We bite, devour and tare one another apart on social media. Recognize it for what it is. We are not ignorant to the devices of Satan. Let’s get back on the prayer wagon in a hurry. Lives depend on us.


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